Residential Organizing Services

I’m Alyssa Leverenz, an organizer extraordinaire on a mission to help people enjoy their surroundings by simplifying their space.

Awareness of one's self and surroundings is crucial for navigating through life. My role as a professional home organizer transpired through a process of self-discovery and evaluating the opportunities that surround me.

I enjoy being organized and the process of organizing. Plus, I saw a need for these skills in the world around me. So, to embrace all that I am and have it serve others, I pursued professional organizing. After all, I could use my meticulous tendencies to benefit others while doing what I love.

My background includes a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Public Relations, decade of professional problem-solving experience and membership at the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO).

Everything I do seems to come full circle. When I'm not organizing homes, I provide brand strategy consultation to help small businesses create clear and consistent communication in their marketing materials.

As a professional home organizer, I create livable spaces where people can hone in on their best selves. Specific areas of interest include residential organizing, minimizing clutter and assistance with relocating.

Getting ready for a big move? I'm here to help pack and settle into the new space. I enjoy helping people organize every area of the home, from large rooms to small nooks and crannies. A major relief I offer is downsizing, which includes decluttering, deciding what is and isn't worth saving, selling unneeded valuables and donating items to charities.

How I Make A Positive Impact

Leading the way to a simpler way of life, I organize homes and explain the rationale behind my process to help instill a sustainable organized lifestyle.